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Welcome to Pacific Academy! It is a great honor to be the Principal of our Costa Mesa campus. The journey of our PA Chinese Immersion program started with an idea a decade ago, and was brought into action in spring 2019, with eight pioneering students. Our philosophy is simple - providing a supportive and caring environment that gives students the opportunity to explore their talents and achieve academic excellence. Throughout the years, we have witnessed the growth of our students and the blossoming of the K-6 Chinese Immersion Program. This is a team effort from all of our community members - dedicated teachers, wonderful students, and supportive families!


We are extremely proud to say that Pacific Academy is a school where students are motivated to learn! Students feel well supported and appreciated in a warm and nurturing environment that we purposefully create. The small class sizes allow students to fully express themselves. The individualized approach meets students where they are and gradually guides them to be more confident. Our curriculum is well integrated, holistic, and encourages children's innate ability and curiosity to explore the world around them. 


At Pacific Academy, students learn through observation, discussion, projects, problem-solving, and self-reflection. As a visitor, you are very likely to walk into a classroom where students are “doing” things together, whether building a catapult, making proposals for a new restaurant in Spanish, or explaining in Chinese how animals communicate. Students engage collaboratively and passionately as they integrate knowledge and skills. Language mastery develops with project based learning that enables students to make connections, culturally and linguistically, with the world.


It is fulfilling, and a privilege, to interact and share memories with our students and teachers every day! School is filled with thoughtfully planned activities, fun and engaging field trips, laughter, lightbulb moments, and of course some challenges. Sharing these moments and being immersed in school life gives me motivation and a sense of responsibility. Each child deserves quality education and our best attention. And it is my passion and obligation to create an environment where children are engaged in learning, educated with academic and social skills, and empowered to be lifelong learners.  


Pacific Academy Costa Mesa is a campus that embraces kindness, respect, and collaboration. It is wonderful to witness the PA philosophy flourishing on all of our campuses, and we invite you to experience the PA difference and be a part of our amazing PACM community. 




Teresa Tseng


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