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Allie Chen

K-6 Chinese Teacher
Chinese Curriculum Director

Allie Chen

M.A., Education, San Diego State University

B.A., Linguistics, University of California, San Diego

As a progressive Mandarin immersion educator for more than seven years, Ms. Chen has gained rich experience of teaching Chinese language and culture with project-based and inquiry-based approaches. Throughout the years, Ms. Chen has been embracing the philosophy of teaching students to be creative, life-long learners and independent thinkers. She strongly believes that students not only need to be equipped with academic knowledge but also socio-emotional well-being. By providing ownership for students to grow and reach their best potentials, Ms. Chen supports and challenges students with scaffolded and individualized curriculum. To ensure learning by doing, she is passionate about creating theme-based and interdisciplinary activities, in order to foster a joyful learning classroom environment for students. During her free time, she enjoys singing and exploring new food and travel spots.

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